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Al Shariar Apon is a full time online professional, entrepreneur & public speaker. He started his online career back in 2016. That time he was a employee in a Online News Portal located in Benapole, Jessore. Besides his job, he started learning computer programming. Very quickly he learned some web programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Git. He is currently working as a web software developer at “BenapolePratidin” He creates industry standard websites for companies from all over the world & already helped thousands of companies in developing their websites for presenting their businesses online.

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It is essential that you know how to diversify the traffic that is coming to your website, and not rely entirely on search engine optimization. Otherwise, if your primary traffic source fails you, it could mean the end for your business. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can increase website and blog post traffic without having to rely only on SEO. We’ll look at a variety of strategies that you can put into place right now and also how you can optimize each source of traffic. By the end of this post, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to know that your website isn’t going to crash and burn, just because of a change in Google’s algorithm.